Teen Titans are Finally Getting Their Own Movie with New Trailer

Don't count DC out just yet because they are trying something Marvel hasn't really tapped into with an animated feature film based on the Teen Titans!

Called Teen Titans GO! To the Movies, the new film will be based on the popular Cartoon Network series, which itself was a kid-friendly reboot of the original Teen Titan Series. The show is known for its breaking of the fourth wall and it looks like the movie will do the same. In the trailer alone they reference, the Green Lantern movie, Justice League movies, and even Deadpool!

If you love the characters and the voice actors who have consistently portrayed them then you need to check it out. Watch the full trailer below!

Teen Titans GO! To the Movies will be in theaters on July 27th so if you need a positive and happy break from the DCEU and Justice League films then definitely check this out!

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