Ohio University is Offering Fortnite Scholarships!!

If you or your high school student is very proficient in Fortnite then you might want to apply to Ashland University in Ohio because they are offering $4,000 scholarships to Fortnite players!

Ashland University's is starting a new eSports program with one of the divisions focusing on Fortnite, but they will also plan to field teams for Overwatch and League of Legends when the program debuts in the collegiate eSports landscape next fall.

All prospective students have to do is try out for the four-player Fortnite team and if they are picked for the team then they will get the $4,000 scholarship.

This is the first Fortnite: Battle Royale college scholarship in the world, so now might be the time to step up your game and practice every day from here on out!!

SOURCE: Engadget

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