A "Deadpool" Pop-Up Bar is Coming and is Serving Chimichangas and Pizza!

Get ready to eat all the chimichangas you want because a Deadpool-themed pop-up bar is coming before Deadpool 2 comes out!

The bar will be based on Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Children, which is the bar from the first movie and will be coming to LA and New York City to promote Deadpool 2! You'll also need to be 21 or older to actually go in, but once you do you will be treated to free pizza and chimichangas!!

The LA pop-up bar will run from May 10-12 while the NYC version will run from April 26-28 so if you happen to be in the area mark it as one of your destinations!!

Deadpool 2 will be in  theaters on May 25th!!

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