Hoody Reviews 'Tomb Raider' in 60 Seconds or Less!

If you miss the good old days of action-adventure movies like Indiana Jones then go see the new Tomb Raider!!

Starring Alicia Vikander (from Ex-Machina) I didn't have high hopes for the film from just the trailers, but after watching I have to say it's one of the better video game movies! It takes a lot from the newer video games and after you watch the movie you'll definitely want to play the games!

Tomb Raider does wrap up its story in a nice, little bow, but it leaves the door for a sequel or franchise and I would totally be down for that!

Watch my full review for Tomb Raider below:

I'm giving the film a 7.6 mountain-spikey things out of 10 and if you need a reminder on the premise of the film, the trailer is below!!

Image Courtesy of Allied

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