Drake Sets New Record on Twitch Playing "Fortnite"

If you have never heard of Twitch before it is a video-streaming platform where mostly gamers and other personalities play video games and you can watch them play live. One of the more popular Twitch streamers is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins who got big for the video game Fortnite!

Thousands of people watch Ninja play games daily, but last night everyone was in for a surprise when Drake joined him to play Fortnite!!

You can check out the full stream below, but the stream had over 600,000 concurrent viewers which set a new record on Twitch and it for sure made the video game super popular!

I had people who have never played video games texting me about their stream and this could be big changes for artist interviews!!

Drake and Ninja were also playing with Travis Scott while they were talking about Drake loving pineapple pizza as well!

Heck now that Drake AND Jordan Fisher both play Fortnite I might just have my squad to finally get a win (or "Victory Royale") in the game!!

IMAGE: Getty

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