Wakanda Forever!! - Crisis On Infinite Podcasts #68

WAKANDA FORVER!!! Sorry we're just a little excited now that Black Panther is out and is breaking box office records left and right! Join us this week as the entire crew is back to discuss Black Panther and what we all thought of it! We have a brief DC Check-In that focuses on time-loops while Javi manages to connect Jason Mraz to The Flash! Plus, we discuss all of our passionate loves for sauce and we rewind the tapes for our Marvel Rewind and fully discuss Black Panther with spoilers!!


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The Marvel Rewind: Iron Man 3

Szechuan Sauce is Coming Back

Everything About Black Panther

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You Need to Watch Star Wars Rebels Last Episodes

Fortnite is Great!

Net Neutrality Officially Ending in April

Jurassic World 3 Already Has a Release Date??

Crisis Reacts!: Legends of Tomorrow Season 3, Episode 11: "Here I Go Again"

Hasbro Launching Toy Crowd-Funding Platform

Black Panther Has the Second Highest Four-Day Debut of All Time!

Netflix is Rebooting 'Lost in Space' Series

Mark Hamill is FINALLY Getting a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame


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