It's the Year of the Dragon - Crisis On Infinite Podcasts #67

With Javi and Alex out it's time to go old school with only Kevin and Hoody running the ship! Join us as we discuss the trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3, The Incredibles 2, and Ready Player One while avoiding Kevin's spoilers for Black Panther! We start our news segment of Q&A answering all of the questions you have about the show or life in general and also preview the best toys at this week's Toy Fair! With most of our DC shows on a hiatus because of the Winter Games we have a brief DC Check-In, with the return of Legends of Tomorrow, and we rewind the tapes for our Marvel Rewind and discuss Iron Man 3!!


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How to See Get Out for Free on President's Day

Elastigirl is the Star of New "Incredibles 2" Trailer

Everything About Iron Man 3

All the References in  the New Trailer for Ready Player One

Crisis Reacts!: Black Lightning Season 1, Episode 5: "And Then the Devil.."

WATCH: Robot Dog Learns How to Open a Door

First Look at Action Figures from Solo: A Star Wars Story

Crisis Reacts!: Legends of Tomorrow Season 3, Episode 10: "Daddy Darhkest"

This Video Game Has an Insulting Easter Egg for Players

Spyro the Dragon Getting a Remastered Collection Later This Year

Your First Look at Kingdom Hearts 3's Monsters Inc. World!

The Marvel Rewind: The Avengers

Spartans are in New Trailer for Ready Player One

Christopher Sabat to be Honored at Anime Awards

New Details on Dinsey's Streaming Service

Beyonce and Elton John Recording Song for Lion King Remake


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