Give Us More Lando! - Crisis On Infinite Podcasts #66

So many trailers came out this week and obviously we have to  break them down and pick our favorites! Not only are we excited for Donald Glover to play Lando, but May is going to be an epic month of movies! We're going to E3 again this year and we discuss all our favorite moments from last year! Plus, we have our DC Check-In with the inclusion of Black Lightning now and we rewind the tapes for our Marvel Rewind and discuss Avengers!!


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Our Favorite Super Bowl LII Commercials

The Easter Eggs You May Have Missed in "Avengers"

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"Game of Thrones" Showrunners to Write Their Own Star Wars Trilogy

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Crisis Reacts!: The Flash Season 4, Episode 13: "True Colors"

Crisis Reacts!: Black Lightning Season 1, Episode 4: "Black Jesus"

Do You Know the Most Popular Winter Anime in Your State? Crunchyroll Does

New Trailer for Season 2 of Marvel's Jessica Jones

[WATCH] The First Trailer for Tom Hardy's "Venom"


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