Body By Shape-Up - Crisis On Infinite Podcasts #61

We're back from our holiday vacations and so excited to start 2018 with a new logo! Join Hoody, Kevin, and Alex as we discuss al the things we consumed over the holidays as well as our favorite gifts! We predict the major things that will happen in 2018 and give an update and official wagers to Alex and Javi's bet! Plus, we're all doing a half-marathon sort of in March and start two new segments: "Open Mic" and the "Marvel Rewind" with the very first Iron Man movie!

Follow Kevin, Hoody, Alex and Javi (THE CRISIS CREW) on their social medias for all your nerdy updates throughout the week too:

Alex: @AlexNPittman

Hoody: @andrewhoody

Javi: @cupofjavi

Kevin: @M0T3KK

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