Pokemon GO is Heading to the Dunes of Japan for a Major Event!

Tottori City, located in the Tottori Prefecture in Japan, is known for its sand dunes, sand sculptures and even a sand museum (No seriously, check it out HERE), as it has the only natural dunes in Japan. But over the weekend, it was known for its…Pokemon?

Recently, the city hosted its first Pokemon GO event, and the sand dunes were the main attraction! Over 87,000 Pokemon Trainers hiked through the dunes, which were marked as a, Safari Zone, to catch an array of rare pokemon, including Mr. Mime, Unknown, and many more.

Game developers worked closely with Tottori Prefecture’s local government to plan the event. The original estimates for the event were 30,000 visitors over 3 days, but that quickly changed when 15,000 people showed up on the first day!

Local businesses also benefited from the event, apparently making over $9 Million over the course of the weekend.

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