Shevy Shafie, Chief Marketing Officer & Partner, Marstudio

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Shevy Shafie

Chief Marketing Officer & Partner

Shevy is a graduate of University of Maryland, University of Baltimore School of Law, and Institute of Police Science in Washington D.C. Growing up the son of a businessman, Shevy's entrepreneurial spirit has always driven him to pursue new and exciting business ventures. As the past CEO of various local businesses & the current Chief Marketing Officer of Marstudio, he truly enjoys finding solutions that help businesses get off the ground, continue their growth, and maintain their competitive edge. Shevy is an experienced cross functional C-level executive with outstanding successes in healthcare, marketing, ecommerce, creative arts, legal services, education, safety & security. Dedicated to his community, Shevy sits on multiple Board of Directors as well as engages in multiple other philanthropic activities. Once engaged, Shevy will act as your off-site CMO essentially putting the wheels of the project in motion and making sure the right mix of strategic and creative resources are in place to execute and deliver your project as it is planned.

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