M&T Bank Presents CEOs You Should Know

M&T Bank Presents CEOs You Should Know

Get to know the area's most influential CEOs close up and personal.Full Bio


Betty Sullivan, CEO, Architectural Ceramics


“Anything you can imagine, you can do,” was the mantra growing up with an inventor father, who had many patents working at IBM. Betty Sullivan, a creative in art initially, added innovation to her businesses in later life. Creativity.

From living in a Mexican border town and seeing the disparity 1,000 yards away in the USA, she learned first-hand the weak and the poor has existed for millennia. Two thousand years ago, the Bible warned us to take care of widows, children, and the sick. More recently, Gandhi said, “The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.”

As the CEO of Architectural Ceramics (ACI), Betty Sullivan knows it’s not only about selling tile (which we love to do) but what we do for others beginning with our staff. That’s why her leadership group instituted core values: Character, Community, Innovation, and Results That Matter. She created an internal living wage for the DC/BALT Metro areas as $19.25 an hour minimum wage for all staff. Service.

ACI serves clients by sourcing materials globally to elevate spaces that evoke emotion. The final result must be beyond functional. With over 100 thousand choices of tiles and stone, ACI has no peer in selection. We service commercial and residential clients on projects inside and outside from powder rooms to corporate offices like Marriott, Whole Foods, and Capital Bank, and we never stop caring. Each transaction is personal even with the trade; the final install is their legacy. It’s the 35th year in business for ACI; our second-generation staff helps the children of clients from 30 years ago. Legacy.

ACI has been fortunate to create Washington Cares, a charity primarily for disaster relief, and was at Katrina, Sandy, and the Ellicott City flood, providing needed essentials quickly. ACI is also involved in providing food and shelter to children and families in need through multiple organizations. Look for announcements of food gatherings in their store locations.

Before joining ACI in 2001, Betty had a patent licensing firm in communications, opened Benetton stores, owned a few other chain stores, had a stint as a tech salesperson and hairdresser. 

A creative in art, busts, designing tiles, and writing, Betty is a produced feature screenwriter for true story adaptations with social justice themes. She loves her family with seven children, now grandchildren, and is a person of faith.

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