Praduman Jain, Founder & CEO Vibrent Health

Praduman Jain, known to colleagues as “PJ,” is passionate about creating solutions to improve the world’s health by providing a trusted source of scientifically proven life-saving technologies.

PJ is the principal investigator (PI) of the Participant Technology Systems Center (PTSC), a national digital platform for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Precision Medicine Initiative/All of Us Research Program for which Vibrent Health received a $100 million funding award. This PTSC platform serves as the participant-facing digital infrastructure for health research and health management insights for 1 million people across the United States.

PJ is also the chair of the security board of the Committee on Access, Privacy, and Security of the NIH’s All of Us Research Program. and an invited expert for eMERGE & Beyond, The Future of Electronic Medical Records and Genomics program of the Division of Genomic Medicine, National Human Genome Research Institute.

As a recognized figure in the biotechnology health space, PJ is leading a public-private partnership (at the request of former Governor Terry McAuliffe) addressing “Bringing Data to Life—Consumer-Directed Precision Health .” This initiative brings together leaders from industry, research universities and nonprofit institutions who are working at the intersection of digital innovation, health, and medicine. Each group is involved in a different and significant way at the convergence of health care, multi-omics, electronic health records (EHR), environment and lifestyle while working together to create an innovation ecosystem for leadership in biohealth.

Prior to founding Vibrent, PJ held various senior leadership roles at Sprint, Nextel, AOL, Time Warner, and VTech and launched emerging products and services with revenues of more than $2 billion. PJ is the author of several research publications, earned his Master of Science and Bachelor of Arts  in electrical engineering, and holds several patents.

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