Want to win "The Ultimate Weed Wedding?!"

I've talked about all sorts of themed weddings. I love them! Baseball, comic books, even Dungeons and Dragons... and now.. A WEED WEDDING.

Yes, cannabis, marijuana, Mary Jane, ganja, green... okay, I'm no pro at all of the names.

There's a National Cannabis Festival every year, and you could get married on stage, get some goodies, and VIP entrance into the festival. Sure, RFK isn't the ideal venue for a pretty wedding, but it's bound to be a memorable one!

Prize Package Includes:

  • Wedding on main stage at NCF before headliner performance
  • 2 day-of VIP passes for the happy couple and 10 General Admission passes for wedding party guests
  • Floral bouquets and wedding gifts from our sponsors, including:
    • Smoking accessories
    • T-shirts for all members of your wedding party
    • 1 night in luxurious accommodations at Eaton DC
    • Transportation to and from your hotel to NCF

This isn't our contest, I just figured you should know about it! So CLICK HERE TO GET ALL THE INFO ON HOW TO ENTER!

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