"Emily In Paris" Debuts Season 2 Trailer + Release Date

Looks like we're in for an early Christmas present! Thanks Netflix!

The second season of the streaming service's hit series Emily in Paris will make it's premiere on December 22, just in time for some holiday binging! And that's not all...in addition to the release date, we also got the season 2 trailer!

Fresh off the heels of season 1, season 2 appears to pick up with Emily (Lily Collins) making her way through a secret love triangle between herself, her neighbor Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and her friend Camille (Camille Razat), who he happens to be dating. Gabriel was intending on leaving Paris but now for whatever reason, plans to stay...after he and Emily apparently hooked up when she went to say au revoir. We also meet a mystery man who gives Emily a kiss on her forehead 👀 Is this triangle turning into a love square?

Emily in Paris was Netflix's most viewed comedy in 2020 and was nominated for Best Comedy at the 2021 Emmy Awards.

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