Maryland Ranked in Top 10 Happiest States

US state flag of Maryland

Photo: Getty Images

Smile, Maryland!

According to a study done by NiceRX, Maryland is one of the happiest states in the country! The Old Line State ranks in at #7.

So how is this determined? NiceRX's methodology analyzes data from three sources in order to compile their list:

  • CDC data to find out the life expectancy and homicide rate for each state
  • World Population Review data to record the mean household income and safety rating for each state
  • Data USA to find each state’s rates of mental illness and poverty

While Maryland comes in at number 7, Hawaii takes the top spot. The top 10 are:

  1. Hawaii 9.02
  2. Connecticut 8.82
  3. New Jersey 8.25
  4. Massachusetts 8.14
  5. Minnesota 8.16
  6. California 7.59
  7. Maryland 7.55
  8. New Hampshire 7.44
  9. New York 7.25
  10. Washington 7.19

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