Baltimore Chipotle Employee Throws Scissors at Complaining Customer

A Baltimore Chipotle employee, who claimed to be the manager of a store, in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood is facing aggravated assault charges after a video of her throwing what appears to be scissors at a complaining customer surfaced.

Anthony Evans, 56, spent an additional 30 minutes in the store waiting for his online order at the popular chain restaurant and was upset not only for the wait, but also because his order was incorrect. When he spoke to the manager about his complaints, a heated argument arose and Evans pulled out his phone to record the altercation.

The video starts with the believed manager stomping out from the back saying ""I'm the manager. You can call whoever you want to, b****."

She then pulls what seems to be scissors from behind the cash register and throws them at Evans. According to FOX Baltimore, Evans said he was hit in the shoulder.

"You messed up my order, you messed up my order, and then I come and I complain and you just get ignorant and start clapping your hands," Evans said. "This is crazy. It's crazy because my order was supposed to be ready at 11:40 and I'm just picking it up right now. Yeah, keep going, keep going. I'm going to sit here and eat my f****** food and let you fuss and cuss. This is going right on Facebook."

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