How to get FREE or very cheap Nationals tickets

We're a lucky city in that we have all of the major sports [even Quidditch!] pretty easily accessible! Not every city gets to say that! but I know that thinking about going to these games gives an immediate *GIANT DOLLAR SIGN* vision. Everything is expensive, from the transportation to the beers and of course the tickets.

Nationals are changing that, though! Did you know you can regularly get single-digit tickets at the box office? Especially if you go on a weekday after telling your boss you're definitely getting everything done at home or that you're feeling a little ill and probably shouldn't risk it.

There are some other deals, too!

If you help out with their Food Drive, you can get FREE TICKETS!

  • WHEN: July 31 and August 1
  • HOW: Bring 4 or more canned food items to Nats Park and you'll get TWO tickets for a future game! PLUS $5 in Nats bucks! So you even get a discounted beer!
  • THE CATCH: You need to be one of the first 500 people each day to do this. Seems easy enough.

For VALUE TICKETS... The Nationals have a few special options!

  • WHEN: August 30 and September 14
  • HOW: Just go to this page and buy tickets for $9!
  • WHAT YOU GET: Cheap tickets, $10 parking, 40% off beer, hot dogs and soda! whaattttt. + discounted merch!

So go have yourself a fun day! And when you're there.... look out for my brother, Mike! He's the guy who gives away all the free stuff on the big screen. Butter him up in the DMs or somethin.

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