GMA Reporter Goes Live Without Pants

With the world we live in now, anything is truly possible.

ABC reporter Will Reeve did a live hit to Good Morning America from his home and while everything appeared normal in his establishing shot, we soon saw that Reeve only came to work half dressed (but to be honest, don't we all these days?!).

During the first part of Reeve's segment, a graphic was entirely covering up from his torso down...but soon after the graphic changed to a smaller one and that's when his secret was exposed 😂 Viewers saw a glimpse of Reeve's upper thigh and host Amy Robach couldn't hold back her expression when the producers went to a two-box graphic with herself, Reeve and fellow co-host Michael Strahan.

Reeve has acknowledge the fashion faux-pax on Twitter by defending that he is in fact wearing shorts and that yes, he is mortified.

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