Gov. Larry Hogan Talks with The Kane Show!

Governor Larry Hogan called into the Kane Show this morning during this insanely, crazy time.

On the decision to close businesses and schools, Governor Hogan was very transparent in saying, "These are very difficult decisions. We've been listening to the top scientists and doctors who are telling us that if we don't break the back of this virus, we'll be the next New York or Italy. It's difficult and disrupting peoples lives and its unprecedented to shut down schools and businesses, but we're doing it to keep thousands of people from dying."

The Governor added that each state is different in where they are in the point of the crisis and what their response is - but "we've quadrupled the number of cases in the DC/VA/MD area - which is still small compared places like New York, but these numbers are probably going to climb. It's a difficult situation."

While they haven't gotten a lot of sleep, they've been working around a clock and have taken measures such as checking temperatures as soon as they come to work, narrowed people coming into the buildings down to about 20-30% of essential personnel, while social distancing inside and practicing what they're telling the public.

"Yesterday, there were a number of states who put in major disaster declarations, but I asked to move quickly because it helps us financially. The Federal State and Local government are working together day in and out to ensure the safety of the public," Gov. Hogan stated.

In regards to how the public can help? GO HERE to see how you can volunteer, donate, and how to help neighbors. You can also go to to find out where you can go to donate blood. Governor Hogan emphasized that you shouldn't be afraid to give blood - it's very safe, they've taken the precautions from wearing the correct protection, to social's as safe as it's ever been.

For the full interview, listen below.

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