Maryland Police Warn: Don't Open Your Door for "COVID-19 Testing"

The Bowie Police Department has put out a warning: NEVER allow anyone in your home that you don't know; even if they say they're testing your home for COVID-19.

Their Facebook post reads:

"ADVISORY: Suspicious Person

"COVID-19 Testing"

The Bowie Police Department is currently investigating two incidents that took place on 3/17/20 involving a suspicious person described as a Black male (late 20s to early 30s) wearing a black hoodie with an orange vest and blue surgical mask. The individual knocked on a door in the 1400 Block of Pennypacker Lane at about 12:08 PM claiming to be inspecting for the COVID-19 virus. He was not allowed into the residence and left.

The second incident occurred in the 13100 Block of 14th St. about 1:19 PM. While a resident was home, the unknown male entered the home through an unlocked door and was confronted by the resident. The suspect began to talk to the resident but fled upon hearing a dog bark.

Residents should not open their homes to anyone claiming to be checking for the COVID-19 virus or offering to clean their home. If anyone encounters an individual claiming to be conducting inspections or cleaning for the COVID-19 or coronavirus, please contact the Bowie Police Department immediately at 240-544-5700 or 911.

If anyone has any information referencing either incident, please contact the Bowie Police Department at 240-544-5700.

No vehicle was observed."

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