Amanda Bynes is Pregnant with First Child

It's been a whirlwind of a year for childhood actress, Amanda Bynes, who was out of the spotlight for a while before her 2012 arrests and hit and run charges, and there were MULTIPLE. Then, we didn't hear anything about the actress again until she was released from jail in 2013.

Every now and then, paps would post a photo with her smoking a cigarette with wig walking down the street, but this past year, she got an Instagram and let us in a little bit more.

Last month, she revealed that she had a boyfriend, Paul Michael, and that they got engaged, only to take down the post a week later, due to her parents' conservatorship over her. Her mom doesn't approve, therefore, Amanda can't legally marry him. Then, they apparently broke up a a week or two later.

Now, she's pregnant. With his child. But the post was also taken down this morning, even though she IS indeed pregnant and it's very early on - but her parents know...according to E! Online.

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