The 'Love is Blind' Reunion is HERE (Spoilers)!

Netflix didn't know how their "love experiment" AKA Love Is Blind was going to go - and it's been trending EVERYWHERE since it premiered. I'll admit - people ask me what my thoughts are about it and I've said "the show is honestly trash...but I can't WAIT for next Thursday because I NEED to see what happened between so and so..." So when the reunion hit overnight, I, set an alarm and woke up earlier than usual to watch it before work.

Basically, what we saw in the first clip with Amber confronting Jessica - spoiler alert - was the most dramatic thing of the entire hour. We did learn a few things so don't read ahead because I literally warned you TWICE so far - including the title, so don't @ me.

  1. Amber and Barnett are still together. Amber is now blonde, and Barnett sits there while she rips Jessica apart. Amber also sat there and rolled her eyes anytime Jessica breathed so that was annoying AF. She wants to call Jessica out (which she should), but also, Amber was also v adamant in marrying Barnett so that a man could take care of her because she a) had a LOT of debt from school she didn't even finish, b) doesn't want a job/isn't actively looking, c) wants to stay at home and be with their dog(s) - so she's just as much a spoiled brat as anyone else on this planet is so
  2. Gigi and Damien are back together
  3. Jessica basically just apologized the entire time and looks miserable because of being told off publicly as well as on
  4. Mark didn't really talk, but DID say that he's still waiting on Jessica to make him that Italian beef, so he still trying to get with her and she made it V clear she wouldn't date him in real life after seeing him YIKES
  5. Kenny is in a new relationship (NOT Kelly) - and is extremely happy. Kelly, is still single and probably always will be
  6. Carlton is STILL v dramatic and STILL acting like the victim, when in reality, Diamond shouldn't even be giving him a friendship after the way he talked to her after his little temper tantrum with her not being okay with him having 'relations' with other men and NOT telling her until after she accepted a proposal (I have MANY more thoughts on him but I won't). He also proposed a friendship and she turned it down because we have a woman who KNOWS HER VALUE and after the way he screamed at her when she was trying to just talk to him the day after she found out he was bisexual was incredibly ridiculous.
  7. Cameron and Lauren are happy and now have a dog - and apparently has a new reality show happening like YASSSSS!

...and that's what you missed on GLEE!

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