Krispy Kreme + Butterfinger = The Collab We Didn't Know We Needed


Krispy Kreme is coming out with all of these donut combinations and the latest one already has me excited!

Krispy Kreme is teaming up with Butterfinger to give us not one but TWO new doughnuts starting TODAY~

According to Delish, the first one is the Butterfinger Original Filled Doughnut which is an original glazed donut filled with peanut butter chocolate creme, dipped in Butterfinger icing, and topped with Butterfinger pieces and a chocolate drizzle😱 and the second is the Butterfinger Fudge Cake Doughnut which is a chocolate cake donut dipped in chocolate icing, topped with peanut butter chocolate creme and Butterfinger pieces😱

brb running to KK RIGHT NOW.

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