Jenna Fischer Just Revealed What Was in Jim's Teapot Note and I Just😭

Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley. The couple that took FOREVER to get together, but made it all worth it when it finally happened.

"The Office" wasn't your conventional TV show, but that's what made it an instant cult classic with it being so popular, even now, 7 years after it ended.

One of the most iconic things to happen between Jim and Pam was when Jim gave Pam a teapot for secret Santa, but it was even more special because it was a super thoughtful gift that came with even MORE gifts inside. But there was a note that Pam finally read in the last season because Jim took it out at the last second before giving it to her in the second season.

Well Jenna Fisher has finally revealed that the note was a handwritten note from John Krasinsky himself, and the first time she ever read it was on camera, and it was a letter written to her, from him, on what the experience meant to him because of her, and how special it was. It was John's goodbye to her.

She won't say what was in it, but she did say: "just know, it was perfect."


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