Throw Social is the new insta-worthy activity bar

I LOVE checking out new bars around the city... especially if they're pretty or have activities [so if you know of any, please send recs my way!]

Especially with the permanent closing of our pop up bar in Shaw, we need more exciting places! There's a pretty new rooftop bar in Navy Yard, Boardwalk replaced Iron Horse at the end of last year, and now we have Throw Social [to name a few that I've tried].

Throw Social is in Ivy City, by City Winery. It's full of neon signs, cozy seating, and activities. Downstairs is themed like Aspen- a warm winter lodge with a fireplace, center of the room bar, and axe throwing.

Upstairs is Palm Beach. It has cabanas, bright colors, people in Hawaiian shirts, and football bowling and curling. Football bowling= throwing a football at bowling pins. Highly recommend. It should be a game we all start owning, tbh.

The hourly cost for playing the games is a little higher than I'd like, but for special events/moments/days, or if you have rich friends, this is definitely a great place to go. Drinks are pretty typically priced. $7-13.


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