Brace Yourselves: James Corden Isn't Driving During "Carpool Karaoke"

"Carpool Karaoke" made "The Late Late Show"'s host, James Corden, a staple. It's easily everyone's favorite segment he does - where he gets in a car with massive superstars, just him and them, and they drive around singing the superstar's hits - it's GENIUS, actually - and even if we don't listen to said artists, we still enjoy watching the segment because it's THAT cool.

Well, now, thanks to a video on Twitter, everyone's minds are blown: James Corden isn't actually driving - instead, he's being pulled by a truck. E! News posted it and there were a few tweets that came back saying that they saw him filming with One Direction and he in fact WAS driving, with photo and video proof - so we're not sure what to believe!

Honestly though, we still love it just as much because like I said before, it's a GENIUS segment that's fun for everyone.

Photo: Getty Images

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