Ex-"Dog the Bounty Hunter" Castmate, Nephew Arrested

"Dog the Bounty Hunter" has had a rough year; first, his wife, Beth, passed away last year - and it's been such a devastating thing to watch. Then this past week, his daughter, Baby Lyssa, made headlines because Dog has been leaning on Beth's friend, Moon, for comfort and she does NOT like that - even though Dog said they're not dating, just months after Beth's death.

Well, Lyssa took is one step further and ratted out Moon's son, Justin, to the police.

Justin was on the show for a few seasons, known as Dog's nephew, and is now behind bars for violating his probation for alleged drug and alcohol use, per The Blast.

But according to TMZ, when the cops got to Justin's house, he reeked of alcohol and marijuana.

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