DC Councilmember Looking for Answers on Speed Camera Tickets

According to WJLA, a DC City Councilmember is demanding answers, after a 7 On Your Side investigation questioned the legitimacy of a speed camera that double fines in a work zone where there’s often no work.

It seems as if you're not really a resident or worker of the DMV until you get a speeding ticket in the mail. It's almost like a right of passage if you move up here. But thanks to WJLA's ongoing investigation, now Mary Cheh, a DC city councilmember, is looking into it as well, considering one speed camera in particular, has raked in $26 MILLION in the last two and a half years.

WJLA first reported about the speed camera on DC's 295 saying it's been "ticketing drivers for 24/7 work zone violations in an area where there's often no visible work and where signs notifying drivers of a lowered speed limit are small and sparse."

More below.

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