Fairfax, VA 'Popeyes' Employee Made Famous Chicken Sandwich Over Trashcan

Well, this isn't good. At ALL.

According to TMZ, where it appears an employee behind the counter is fast at work putting together as many sandos as possible. But, it's being done on top of a tray that's conveniently resting on top of a large trash bin ... and the setup was in customers' line of sight.

Apparently the manager says that the trash can was empty, but that's not the point.

It was also a new store that had just opened in Fairfax, VA, and they were barely open a week, so everyone was still learning. The manager said they had just gotten slammed with a 100 chicken sandwich order - and due to a limited amount of counter space, the employee grabbed a clean tray and just started making them that way.

The manager ordered a new table for the food prep, so hopefully this has been taken care of!

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