Disney+ Just Released the Trailer for the "High School Musical" Series..?

There are a few sacred things from Disney that should NEVER be touched unless it includes the original cast - I.E. - "Lizzie McGuire" and "Boy Meets World" and movies like "Camp Rock" or "High School Musical."

When Disney+ came into fruition, everyone was excited because of EVERYTHING Disney being in one place, available ALL of the time - but then, a "High School Musical" TV series was mentioned and I just have to say...NO ONE ASKED FOR IT.

Hear me out: they tried making an almost "High School Musical" 4 with Sharpay, and it tanked. I said what I said.

Watch the trailer that just got released because it's the ONLY part I will ever partake in.

High School Musical is SACRED to us and just...no.

For anyone who's never experienced the best trilogy to ever grace our screens, this may be good. But, to the rest of us who aren't 5 years old, probably not.

If it doesn't have Zac Efron then it won't get me.

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