Astros Executive, Taubman, Under Fire For Comments After ALCS Win

Buckle up, kids.

Houston Astros executive, Brandon Taubman, made a mistake. And a HUGE one at that. Let's back up.

According to, The Astros acquired pitcher Roberto Osuna in July 2018 while he was serving a 75-game suspension for a violation of Major League Baseball’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse policy. Domestic abuse charges against Osuna were withdrawn in Canadian court last September after he entered into a peace bond.

Well when the Astros clinched the ALCS and a trip to the World Series on Saturday night, executive Brandon Taubman taunted a group of female reporters, one of which was wearing a purple bracelet symbolizing domestic violence awareness. But according to the Astros:

While the Astros organization may be standing behind Taubman, I assure you, literally no one else is.

According to the Sports Illustrated report, Taubman yelled “Thank God we got (Roberto) Osuna! I’m so (expletive) glad we got Osuna!” about a half dozen times toward the group, and don't worry - there were witnesses confirming the incident, also confirming that he had a cigar and was standing with two other men, yelling and laughing.

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