Elizabethany is doing DC's Dancing Stars!

Last year I did DC's Dancing with the Stars as a competition... this year, I'm doing it for the sole purpose of raising money for an organization I love and believe in. SMYAL is dedicated to helping local LGBTQ youth with housing if they need it, but also help them gain the self confidence, social engagement and overall life skills that they may be struggling with after facing adversity. I've always tried to be a strong ally to the community, but now I'm really dedicating myself for the next couple months to hopefully make a big impact.

From now until the big event, I'll be doing weekly practices with a dance professional and planning different ways to raise money. It'll be a lot of work, but a lot of fun and hopefully entertaining for everyone following along. Follow on Instagram for ALL of the updates!

The event is on November 9, so I have until then to raise at least $10,000... but I'd really love to raise even more than that! Every dollar counts. Imagine if everyone who reads this donated $1. That'd be a BIG bump! and for a great cause. So if you can free up 100 pennies, please do. You can also buy tickets to the event [that counts as helping me fundraise!], donate items to the silent auction, or even get your boss to buy a table for all of you to come watch the fun and eat some delicious food!

*Click here to help donate/read all about it!*

If you have any ideas for fundraising events or silent auction items, please contact me and let's make it happen! I truly appreciate any help, including the energy that I get from brainstorming with people.

Check out the announcement I made during Capital Pride below!

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