Todd Chrisley's Son Reveals Suicide Attempt Due to Medication

Just two weeks after Todd and Julie Chrisley were brought up on charges of tax evasion, Todd's eldest son, Kyle, reveals that there was a suicide attempt - but it wasn't with a clear mind.

It's been well known that Kyle and Todd didn't have the best relationship for a while, because Kyle was into drugs and drinking - Todd even started raising Kyle's daughter, Chloe, to keep her away from it. After years of rehab and getting sober, their relationship is back to how it should be, Kyle ended up in the hospital due to a suicide attempt that he said was caused by medication he was taking.

Todd reassured that Kyle had an 'adverse reaction' to a certain medication and is no longer taking it, as well as is doing very well and back to work.

We're glad he's doing ok!

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