Starbucks Is Introducing 2 New Apple Frapps for Fall🍎🍏


Starbucks is THE place to go in the fall for everything pumpkin. But, there are some people who aren't a fan of pumpkin. Those people are not my friends.

BUT IF YOU'RE ONE OF THOSE - Starbucks hears you: they have 2 new apple flavored frappuccinos which sounds MOUTH-WATERING.

The Green Apple Jelly Frappuccino (apple gelatin and crisp bits of apple, topped with green apple candy bits) and the Baked Apple Pink Frappuccino (pink apple compote and crumbled pastry bits with cinnamon) are the sweet alternatives to pumpkin that Starbucks is going to start rolling out.

While it IS starting in Japan on August 30th, there's a VERY good chance it'll roll into the US because let's face it - WE LOVE APPLE AS MUCH OR EVEN MORE THAN PUMPKIN.

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