EB ranks the best new foods at FedEx Field

Elizabethany and Mike are back for another season of their "Hail to the Siblings" podcast, which tells you the weekly basics you need to know about the Redskins, plus updates as they each plan a wedding, and trending stories.

Today is the first home game of the Redskins [pre]season and there will be some new foods to look out for!

There is "Chicken Guy" from Guy Fieri with almost two dozen sauces, funnel fries, Levy burgers, Paisano's, Burgundy crush, macaroons, and more! After going to FedEx Field's Open House to test them all, EB has a ranking of her faves and must tries this season.

Also in Redskins world: There's a lot of heat on the injury/health staff, and not just from Trent Williams.

Outside of Redskins Park: Elizabethany had her family engagement party that she expected was going to be a "****show." It ended up being a lot better than expected, but her soon to be in laws cornered her about a big decision she has made "as an independent woman." Mike sides with them, too... whose side are you on?

Listen to everything below, starting with the engagement party, and the second half switching to football talk!

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