Recap: The Jonas Brothers Kicked Off 'Happiness Begins Tour' Last Night

*I'm not gonna give any spoilers for songs or anything like that here so just a warning before you start reading* Mainly because, I, have been a fan since 2006 and I don't even want it ruined for myself.

But last night, the Jonas Brothers kicked off the tour that, after 2013, we thought that we would NEVER see again in this lifetime, the "Happiness Begins" Tour in Miami, Florida. I'm sure that they're setlist was FULL of nostalgia for the fans that have been coming and coming to concerts since 2006 and on - but I DO know that the J-Sisters all showed up, wearing band tees - and we love them even more than before.

If you go all over twitter and instagram, there are PLENTY of videos to spoil the show and setlist, which I will say again, I WILL NOT DO - but I will post some of the tweets from the venue last night, because as fans, we're all in this together.

The one thing that I WILL spoil, because it's not gonna happen in every city, is that Daddy Yankee, Sebastian Yatra, and Natti Natasha surprised the crowd for their massive hit, "Runaway"!

Below are some of the best tweets from last night - and just a warning that they're coming to DC in one week.


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