French's Now Has Mustard...Ice Cream!??!

2019 has brought us a LOT of good things.

The Jonas Brothers are back together, the Backstreet Boys have a number one album for the first time in 18+ years, the nostalgia is EVERYWHERE! And we at HOT 99.5 are loving every second!

...until maybe now?

French's has had this bright idea to sell pint sized containers of "French's Mustard Ice Cream." Bleh.

Literally just writing it is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. But apparently, it's delightful with a salty pretzel cookie. Apparently.

If you want to try this, Coolhaus in Culver City (California) is testing it and a French's Ice Cream truck is hitting New York City August 1-3 serving free scoops.

Apparently, you won't regret it according to Lindsay Miller on Yahoo!

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