We Are...and Always Will Be #BaltimoreStrong

Several celebrities are speaking out about how much Baltimore means as not only a city, but as a community as well.

We here at iHeartRadio Baltimore are FOREVER on your side with love and compassion.

Matter of fact, one of the leading sports companies in the world, Under Armour, is stationed right in the heart of Baltimore. Their commercial is below.

Other celebrities like Golden State Warriors guard, Stephen Curry, has also come forward with nothing but love. The Baltimore Ravens coach, Jim Harbaugh, said, "My wife, my daughter, and me, we love Baltimore. More than Baltimore, we love the people in Baltimore. Maybe it's because people love the Ravens so much. We felt nothing but love here for the last 11 years."

Just know how much we love you guys. Without you, Baltimore wouldn't be the beautiful city that it is.

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