The First Reviews for 'The Lion King' Are In...And It's NOT Good

The first reviews for the 2019 CGI version (it's NOT live action PLEASE fight me because this is my favorite movie of ALL time - I even have Simba tattooed on the back of my neck) of 'The Lion King' are in - and it doesn't look good for Disney.

First off, I'm not surprised. As a die-hard, lifelong fan of the movie, the second I heard about a "live action" remake - I was PISSED. It has NOT ONE HUMAN in the whole movie - so there is NO NEED TO MAKE IT "LIVE ACTION." I SAID WHAT I SAID.

Point is, the cast in A+...the movie...not so much.

IndieWire even wrote, "...Sometimes, the graphics look so good that your brain struggles to make sense of why they don’t look better (Pride Rock, we learn, is located deep inside the uncanny valley). Other times, the animals are constrained by the boundaries of verisimilitude; forget the original’s Busby Berkeley-like choreography of “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” or the unbridled expressionism of “Hakuna Matata,” because all these hyper-realistic animals can do is walk around their drab environments and fall over each other. (Don’t ask how Zazu the hornbill can speak the Queen’s English even though his beak only moves up and down.)"

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