The Jonas Brothers Hit Up The Tonight Show, Perform, and Play Know Your Bro

The Jonas Brothers sat down with Jimmy Fallon for an extended interview, and you can just tell how much more comfortable and happier they are this time around, and as a fan since 2006, this makes my heart burst.

They sat down and talked about reuniting, their marriages, drinking as therapy which was documented in their Amazon documentary, "Chasing Happiness," as well as Kevin's oldest daughter, Alena, telling her whole kindergarten class about the Jonas Brothers reuniting before it was announced.

They also play a game of "Know Your Bro" where they clearly don't know each other, but they call Joe out on his bachelor party...BAD. And Joe is the ONLY one who proved to know the others.

Then they perform a new song from their "Happiness Begins" album - and it's all here!

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