Ken Jennings Talks "Jeopardy James" Live, For the First Time

Ken Jennings - we all remember him - the OG "Jeopardy!" Guy - the one who holds the "Jeopardy!" winnings record with the most consecutive games won - 74 - and the highest winnings in regular season play with $2,520,700.

We were ALL rooting for Ken and we really didn't want to see him lose, ever. Now, we have a new guy going by "Jeopardy James" AKA James Holzhauer, who is about to shatter Ken's record of winnings, after only playing just about a third of the games Jennings played - at 28 games.

Ken talks about the comparison and how he hopes to play him in the finals - and trust us. We ALL want to see these two go head to head.



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