Mississippi Lawmaker Punched Wife Because She Undressed Too Slowly for Sex

Mississippi Lawmaker, Rep. Douglas McLeod, allegedly punched his wife in her face because she was undressing too slowly for him for sex.

According to BuzzfeedNews, when police arrived at his house, McLeod was carrying a glass of alcohol and said "are you kidding me?" when they responded to a call about the assault. He was so drunk he has slurred speech and walked in a zig zag pattern and had to grab onto railing for support.

The wife had blood dripping down her neck and arms and was shaking and told police "he just snapped...and this happens when he drinks too much." He threatened to kill their dog if they didn't have sex and the next thing you know, blood was going down his wife's face.

Also, this doesn't JUST happen. Do NOT let this happen.

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