Author Loses Book Deal Over Tweet Shaming A DC Metro Worker For Eating

According to Buzzfeed, a Metro bus operator in Washington, DC, took the train Friday morning to go to her next assignment. She would have usually eaten her breakfast at the next stop, but it was rush hour and the train was delayed; she didn’t want to keep customers at her next assignment waiting, so she decided to eat her breakfast on the train, her union representative said.

Well, Natasha Tynes decided to blast her on twitter after she saw that she was a public employee breaking the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s rule that doesn’t allow eating or drinking on Metro vehicles or at stations.

Natasha's since deleted tweet, courtesy of Buzzfeed.

After publically shaming the worker for EATING, she has officially lost her book deal.

Honestly, GOOD. The poor woman has been embarassed virally, and now, Tynes has deleted her social media and website because it backfired on her so bad.

Good riddance.

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