Mother Skips Graduation to Watch Son Graduate, Graduates At Son's School

A mother skipped her own graduation to watch her son walk. Like any mother would.

But what his school did when they found out will make you CRY.

Sharonda Wilson went back to school and worked her butt off - and she was set to graduate from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. The only problem? Her son, Stephan, was set to graduate on the EXACT SAME DAY at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

She posted on Facebook her predicament, and of course, someone at her son's school saw it and told Central Michigan's president, Bob Davies, about it. Davies then contacted Ferris State University's president, David Eisler and they agreed to let Central Michigan, confer her degree as well. The universities decided to to let them celebrate together a a family and you can see the pride just radiate off of her son.

Watch the video below, but be sure to grab tissues before. It'll make you tear up.

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