Four New Oreo Flavors Are Coming This Summer!

Oreo normally doesn't release super- secretive- new flavors ahead of time - BUT THEY HAVE CONFIRMED WE HAVE NOT ONE, NOT TWO, NOR THREE - BUT WE HAVE F O U R NEW FLAVORS COMING FOR THE SUMMER!

In May, we get the return of "S'mores". The graham cracker flavored cookie and marshmallow and chocolate flavored creme is BACK!

In June, we get "Latte Thins" - and they won't be going away!

In mid-June, we get "Marshmallow Moon" which have three space-themed designed with purple marshmallow creme!

In mid-July, they're bringing us "Mint Chocolate Chip!

And in August, we get "Maple Creme"! Golden oreos with maple creme frosting - MY TASTEBUDS ARE WATERING.

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