The "Avengers: Endgame" Spoiler Ban Is Lifted, Chris Evans Shares Set Pics




Let's start this off by saying that it only took 2 weeks for Marvel's biggest movie, Avengers: Endgame to cross the $2.2 billion dollar mark - yep. You read that right. Billion. With a B.

It's now the second biggest movie of ALL TIME - right on the heels of James Cameron's Avatar.

I have a feeling that it'll surpass it to become number one, but only time will tell. Well, the Russo Brothers (directors/producers of all things Marvel) asked for a two-week silence to give people a chance to see the movie without spoilers, and while most people went along with the rules, obviously, some people who suck DIDN'T go along with it -but now that you've had two weeks to see it, WE CAN OFFICIALLY TALK ABOUT IT.

So Chris Evans, the man who plays the beloved Captain America, posted a few photos and a video from the set, with more to come; but apparently 3 in a day is good enough for us.

Also, #ThatIsAmericasAss.

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