Ted Bundy's Girlfriend Almost Killed, Shown Differently in Zac Efron's Pic


When the highly-anticipated Ted Bundy movie, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile hit Netflix this past weekend, it's no surprise that it was a massive hit - a lot of it due to Zac Efron's portrayal of the monster himself.

The movie is basically told from Elizabeth Kloepfer's point of view and how she had to deal with her relationship with the serial killer. If you watch the movie, you see that her coworker, eventually turned husband, is having to deal with Elizabeth's drunken self the entire movie pushing off the fact that she could actually be in love with a serial killer. While it looked like nothing ever happened between the two of them, there is a scene in there where they're getting ready to have sex, and Zac's eyes go dark and his hands look like they're about to go around her neck and then the screen goes black.

Apparently, that's not too far off from the truth.

According to E!, They had taken their rubber raft to the Yakima River and planned to spend the day floating down the river. They idyllically drifted along sipping on cold beer, for most of the afternoon. But when Kloepfer was sitting on the edge of the raft staring off into the distance, she was suddenly shoved into the water.

"Ted lunged at me, put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me into the river. The plunge into the icy water took my breath away. I came up sputtering and grabbed the rope on the edge of the raft, too dazed for the moment to do more than hang on," she wrote. "I looked up at Ted and our eyes locked. His face had gone blank, as though he was not there at all."

Bundy told her that it was just a joke, she didn't take it that way. She later accused him of being a thief to his face, then he told her that if she ever told anyone about if then he would "...break your f---ing neck." Later, Bundy admitted that he tried to do something when they were dating.

E! also reported: Bundy told Kloepfer he had tried to kill her one chilly night in Seattle as she was sleeping on a hide-a-bed in front of the fireplace. While she was asleep, he had closed the damper on the fireplace so that the smoke couldn't escape out of the chimney, then put a towel under the crack in the door and went home. "I remembered that night well. I'd been pretty drunk by the time we climbed into the hide-a-bed in front of the fireplace," she wrote. "I woke up briefly as Ted was leaving, and he told me he was going back to his house to get his fan because the fireplace was backed up." My eyes were running and I was coughing. I jumped out of bed and threw open the nearest window and struck my head out," she said. "After I had recovered some, I opened all the windows and the doors and broke up the fire the best I could," and he never returned that night.

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