American Idol's Nick Fradiani Releases Extremely Powerful Single, "Empire"

Probably the most underrated winner of American Idol is Nick Fradiani. Fight me.

Am I biased towards him because he's a Yankees fan? Probably. Either way, the 14th winner of the hit series has just released what, in my opinion, is his most powerful yet.

You want a song to get you on FIRE?

Are you mad? Knocked down because of life? Trying to find that light at the end of the tunnel? Looking for inspiration?

Look no further: the song starts out quiet but by the time it hits the chorus, it flies into the chorus that will spark a fire in you. Seriously.

The first few lyrics: In the darkest of days, sometimes we find out who we are, be the change, or hit the bottom hit hard, we have a choice, yeah we can take the power away and turn it in to something to believe in, believe in, it's up to you..

Honestly, it was immediately added to my workout playlist within 30 seconds of hitting play - but don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself (as well as his first acoustic performance of it from this morning). I can't WAIT to hear this live.

Next tattoo, maybe?

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