There's A USPS Facility That Sells Your 'Mail' for Profit

Let me tell you a story that was posted on FOX Baltimore: Angela Erickson spent the better part of last year lovingly sewing two quilts. One, meant for her uncle, depicts Utah artifacts. The other, displaying a brilliantly-intricate elephant, was for her dad. She shipped them to Illinois just in time for Christmas.

But the recipients never got them.

After her packages had been declared 'dead', she found out it was secretly being shipped to the Mail Recovery Center (MRC), basically the lost and found for the US Postal Service. It has a staff whose job it is to open packages and try to track down the owners. Anytime they don't find the rightful owner, within a few months, the USPS gets to auction it off and pocket the profits.

Read more of this INSANE story HERE.

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